Attribute used to send a packet to the network device. Each valid incoming ethernet frame is sent to the protocol stack and the buffer descriptor is given back to the DEC board the host processor reset bit OWN, which means descriptor belongs to State information of the serial ROM. Network Task Structure and Data Flow 3. Application Programming Interface 4. DEC Driver 7.

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This thread is event driven. We have chosen to use 7 receive buffers and 1 transmit buffer to optimize memory allocation due to cache and paging problem that will be explained in the section Encountered Problems. Increasing the size of the heap 4. Additional include files 4. We have 7 receive buffers and 1 transmit buffer, and packket each, 1 descriptor: We use Netboot tool to load our development from a server to the target via an ethernet network.

DOS Packet Driver/README.TXT Driver File Contents (cm1720x.zip)

We have used this paging mechanism, with 4Kb page. Network Driver Makefile 3. Testing the Driver 5.

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Driver basic operation 5. To reference these buffers to the DEC chip we use a buffer descriptors ring. State information of the serial ROM.

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Document Revision History 7. This value determined how reliable an established connection is. Write the Driver Initialization Function. On Intel target, the chip specific registers can be accessed via 2 methods: This chapter describes rapidely the PCI interface of this Ethernet controller.

We choose to use only one buffer of bytes per descriptor.

Literacy Narrative packet (2).pdf: Fal17_ENGL_ Intro to Reading/Composition

Control and status registers. The flag ‘-auto’ is deprecated and shouldn’t be used. Number of address bits when communicating with the serial ROM. The seed value for the randomization of packet loss. This board includes an Ethernet controller based on a DEC chip. Network Task Structure and Data Flow 3. Concerning the buffers and their descriptors, we have tried to optimize the memory space in term of allocated page.


Writing this attribute at any time injects a new packet into the device without involving the network simulation. Write the Driver Start Function.

Once the attach function executed, the driver initializes the DEC chip. It is possible to override the packet by assigning this attribute. Early versions used National transcievers, but later versions are depopulated ZX boards.

State of the interrupt apcket. Register info for all registered configuration registers. On Intel, the memory region cache management is available only if the paging unit is enabled.

Netboot DEC driver 7. First version of this document. On Intel PC target, we were faced with a problem of memory cache management.

The format is a raw Ethernet frame.