Golf Pride Tour 25 for Cleveland. Perhaps the R7 helped too, but I finally broke and am extremely pleased with the XL. Ladies flex graphite shaft – Cleveland grip – Head covers. Why not look at the slazenger F. Joined May 8, Messages 9, Location Rutland.

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However, the Tour cover feels as though it has some strong cardboard inside it clevelnd with a magnetic strip that attaches to its mate on the other side of the cover after wrapping around the bottom portion of the shaft. It has given me lots of confidence in my driving game.

As a follow up on my post, recently, I took my If you want to hit higher, hit higher on the clubface. A great club that does what it is supposed to and I kind of like the look once I got used to it.

Was thinking of replacing with Hibore XL…is this a good idea? I am also not sure that butt trimming this club will have the same glorious effects that it had on my other driver. I am a 10 handicap golfer hiblre tends to hit everything high. Ladies flex graphite shaft – Cleveland grip – Head covers.

One golfer said his normal draws turned into hooks but his buddy who is a slicer does wonders with the club and this guy was using the Burner tour model with an open face. Is their much difference in hitting the I played again last Friday and hit the ball well again. The New HiBore is a big difference, I normally have a draw to my shot, Which I love, but I can get a little to much, and then its trouble.


I have always been a Titleist man but reluctantly I have to say that this driver puts them to shame. I then jibore to the golf club, I teed the ball higher than normal, I swung the club as I normally did when I looked up the ball was soaring away into the distance straight down the middle of the fairway.

Both were forgiving, but the Hibore XL felt a little more solid at impact to me. This article was written by guest author Harry Solomon, an active member of our forum. The headcovers are quite nice and the E-Z Grab feature allows you to pull off the headcovers with ease.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Driver Review – Golfalot

Both versions have a D5 swing weight — about two or three notches above the standard D2. I am used to the Adilla shaft in my previous drivers. Just got one this week and at first It felt totally different from my Ping G5, plus I had to tee it a bit lower.

Tons of clubface, and it sits on the ground very nicely — not closed. Matrix Ozik “R” Flex Shaft. I have the original and the XL. Absolutely loved the feel and sound of the impact. Would like to pick up a XL.


Cleveland HiBORE XLi

Yesterday asked it to a friend, and went onto the course for test, only for two holes for time reasons. For anyone who might be thinking about getting a 3 wood HiBore to go along with the driver, think about an Aldila shaft. Hhibore question is for those who have played this club. The hiblre at impact is like a big bang and the ball feels that it has just been shot from a cannon.

Stiff would be the right one for you. He use to hit yards with a horrendous slice but now goes down the center. Finally decided to get the XL with gold shaft after reading the reviews. Like the original HiBORE, the XL features a precision cast aerospace-grade ultra-thin titanium alloy body with a high-grade SP face titanium and follows the same general design, though the XL has a deeper face, which should allow you to tee the ball higher.

Cleveland HiBORE XLi Irons Review

That way you get more airtime nibore without substantially increasing backspin, which will shorten distance. My worse mis-hit went and stayed in play. I went to the driving range Saturday.